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How much does International moving cost?

Updated: Jan 6

International moving cost

It is also said that you find yourself in a new environment when you move to a new place: new surroundings, new culture, new lifestyle…

This can not be truer than it is, quite literally, a whole new world when traveling to another country. And, thus, a whole new level of difficulties. You will have to adapt to a foreign community, get used to new social customs, maybe even learn a new language, not to mention the challenge of preparing and coordinating an international successful transfer.

It's a huge leap into the unknown that brings a lot of thoughts, fears, and questions, not just a major step in one's life. And "How much does International moving cost?" is one of the most troublesome questions that comes to mind.

If it's so expensive to move across the country, then it must be sky-highly expensive to move across the planet. And, indeed, for distant overseas movements, the average foreign moving costs will easily reach EUR 10,000.

However, the cost of moving to another country depends on a great number of factors and you need to take all of them into account to be able to make your foreign relocation in a fair budget.

When calculating international moving costs, here is what you need to know:

Main Expenses for Traveling abroad

When traveling abroad, there are some significant costs to consider:

1) Cost of transporting overseas household goods

The international cost of moving shipping shall be determined on the basis of the volume or weight of the goods, the moving facilities needed, the form of transport used, the distance of relocation, the path of relocation and the time of year when the transfer takes place.

2) Cost of transporting a vehicles abroad

Depending on the size and weight of the vehicle, the chosen international car shipping process, the distance to the destination country, and the relevant overseas destination taxes and charges, if you want to ship your car to your new country, you must add a couple of thousand euros to your international moving budget.

3) Moving expenses for insurance

The cost of moving insurance is dependent on the value of the products and can range from Euros 100 to 1,000 or more (if transporting high-value items).You can ask your moving company for insurance.

4) Charges for customs duty and taxes

Customs charges and fees are dependent on the form and value of the product, but the global customs duty average is around 1.8% of the imported value of the item.

5) Charges for storage

The cost of storage is dependent on the size of the storage space you use, the additional features needed (climate control, high-end security, etc.) and the storage time. For a storage unit that can hold the contents of a typical three-bedroom home, you can expect to pay about Euro300 a month.

6) Fees for Visa

Depending on your country of destination and the reason for your travel, you may or may not need a visa when you move overseas (work, study, retirement, etc.).

7) Cost of Travel

By booking your flight well in advance, you can save some money on travel expenses. Apart from this, you can also negotiate with your moving company in moving helpers cost.

Good to remember: Be sure to ask your favorite airline about their pet policies if you want to carry your pet(s) along.

8) Charges for accommodation

It is very difficult to find a suitable new home from away for you and your family, so you will most likely need temporary accommodation after arriving in your new country. You will need a place to stay for a few months before you get to know your new city, decide exactly where you want to live, and find an acceptable property to buy or rent.

Good to remember:

  • Keep in mind about property taxes and fees

  • Budget for the cost of furnishings as well

  • Living expenses for at least three or four months after the move.